Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 bad but common beauty habits

A lot of people have beauty habits that are not good at all.  Everyone does them even if they don't realize it like me.

1.Not wearing sunscreen everyday!
People don't think this is a big deal but it is a huge deal!  You need to wear sunscreen everyday especially on your face.  Even if it is just your face that is fine.  Before you put on your foundation or concealer apply some sunscreen (preferably a face stick for your face)  to prevent wrinkles and aging of the skin.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on!
Many people get lazy at night or are to tired to take their makeup off before they go to bed.  When you sleep with your makeup on at night it can clog your pores and that is not good at all.  It also makes your skin dry or oily (depends on your skin) so you need to at least take a makeup remover wipe or even a cleansing pad and go over your face with it.

 3.Workout with makeup on!
People go to the gym or workout with their makeup on.  I even did it to until I realized what it does to your skin.  When you work out you usually sweat on your face.  If you have makeup on and you sweat, then your sweat gets clogged in your foundation then into your pores and causes you to break out.

4.Touching your face!
Many people touch their face during the day and most don't realize everything that they touch  has bacteria on it and when they touch their face they are putting that bacteria onto their face.  Also it causes your skin to get oily and that is no good.

5.Not washing your makeup brushes after use!
People don't think that this is a big deal but it is!  After use of your makeup brushes you need to clean them because you put your bacteria onto your brushes and then the next day into product.  This will be causing you to apply bacteria to your skin or possibly other people's skin so clean your brushes everyday (Only the ones that you used) and deep clean them once a week.

 I hope this was helpful to you!


  1. Reading this makes me feel bad! We always do some of this stuff once a while! Great blog post :)
    Sabrina xoxo

  2. I am so guilty of working out with makeup on! There are so many times where I just don't want to wash my face before I go to the gym! I usually go straight from work but after reading this I may reconsider!

  3. BTW I love your blog's background! How did you get all of those makeup icons? I am so new to this I have been using the default templates! I haven't used html sine myspace! ha

  4. Don't feel guilty! Everyone does these things even I do sometimes. I practice with makeup on sometimes because my practice is right after school. Something that will help is to carry a thing of makeup remover wipes in your purse and just wipe your face before you start working out. And thank you! @Dalek, some of them my friends did and they took pictures so I borrowed them and went and connected them together. If that makes any sense.

  5. "2. Sleeping with your makeup on!"

    I do this way too often (last night). *ashamed*

    Nice write up! <3